World War 1 Curriculum Unit

This item is a comprehensive CURRICULAR UNIT (GOOGLE version included!) about World War I that integrates reading and literacy. There are 5 complete lessons included in this bundle PLUS supplemental activities. This unit includes 5-8 weeks of materials, depending on if you choose to assign some of the activities as homework.

THIS UNIT CAN BE USED AS A STAND ALONE CURRICULUM. This can be used as homeschool curriculum, too.

Limited on copies or paper? Every component of the individual lessons listed below are ready-to-go on GOOGLE slides, so you can easily assign to your students! The quizzes and unit test are also available on GOOGLE Forms, and I include explicit directions on how to assign and tweak (if desired) for your students. The quizzes and unit test are also self-grading!

The five lessons included in this unit bundle are:
Russian Revolution
Treaty of Versailles
New Technologies & Weapons of WWI
Causes of WWI
Major Battles and Events of WWI

This unit includes:
• 5 PowerPoint presentations that can be used to facilitate discussion or have students take notes

• 5 slotted notes pages so students can focus on recording the important information from the PowerPoint presentations (which includes carefully curated videos & links that will enrich the lessons) Editable slotted notes included!

• 5 informational reading passages about WWI

• 20 activities (4 per lesson) (key terms, dates & events, significant items, significant people, political cartoon, geographical connection, and a literacy connection) Three of the four activities PER lesson have two levels: a basic recall and an application of knowledge.

• 5 quizzes

•Google slides of all components

5 GOOGLE Form self-grading quizzes, unit test, & modified unit test

• 5 graphic organizers

6 interactive notebook foldables

5 Primary Source Analysis Pack

40 vocabulary cards

Simulation- Western Front: A Soldier's Life


• study guide

• editable unit test with answer key

• teacher's guide with 2 suggested pacing maps

• answer keys

• GOOGLE slides of all lesson components

• GOOGLE Form self-grading quizzes and unit test

• audio of reading passages, quizzes, and test COMING SOON

Specific reading skills in this unit are: series of events, cause-effect relationships, central idea, key details, summarization, cite text evidence, integrate multiple sources of information, & meaning of words/phrases using context clues.

You will be easily integrating reading with your social studies content because the 5 graphic organizers focus on one specific reading skill per organizer, AND students will be analyzing primary documents. I have also included a RAFT task that culminates the simulation. RAFT stands for role, audience, format, and task. It helps give students an authentic writing scenario.

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Heather LeBlanc

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