US History Curriculum Vol. 1

Pre-Columbian Era through Reconstruction

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Complete curriculum for American History from the pre-Columbian era through Reconstruction


This resource is a growing curriculum. I have had many requests of teachers wanting to go ahead and purchase this curriculum instead of purchasing the units separately. As units are added, you can simply redownload the file to obtain the newly added unit. As units are added, the price will increase. The anticipated final value of this curriculum will be $373. You will save over 45% by purchasing this curriculum versus each unit separately.This resource will be a COMPLETE CURRICULUM (GOOGLE version included!) of US History from the pre-Columbian era through Reconstruction. There will be 6 comprehensive units included in this curriculum. When complete, this resource will contain enough instructional activities to thoroughly teach the topics. This can be used as homeschool curriculum, too.Each unit in this curriculum will include informational texts, editable PowerPoint presentations, editable slotted notes, activities, quizzes, graphic organizers, vocabulary cards, interactive notebook activities, primary source activities, simulation, stations, editable study guide, editable test (including modified version), student workbook, teacher guide, answer keys, and an audio of each informational text, quiz, unit test, and modified test. There is also a Google version included!

Limited on copies or paper? Every component of each individual lesson is ready-to-go on GOOGLE slides, so you can easily assign to your students! The quizzes, unit, tests, & modified tests are also available on GOOGLE Forms, and I include explicit directions on how to assign and tweak (if desired) for your students. The quizzes, unit tests, & modified tests are also self-grading!

GOOGLE Version Includes:

  • informational texts
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • slotted notes
  • activities
  • quizzes
  • graphic organizers
  • interactive notebook activities
  • primary source activities
  • study guide
  • Google Forms for all quizzes, unit tests, & modified tests

This is an anticipated release calendar for my US History Vol. 1 curriculum. My goal is to have each unit completed by the time frame below, but please know these are subject to change. Also, the titles of the final units may vary.


Unit 1: Pre-Columbian Era- 4/25/2020

Unit 2: Colonial America

Unit 3: American Revolution

Unit 4: The Constitution & A New Nation

Unit 5: The Age of Jackson & Sectionalism

Unit 6: US Civil War & Reconstruction

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Heather LeBlanc

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Resources Included with Purchase

Constitution & A New Nation Curriculum Unit
Heather LeBlanc
American Civil War & Reconstruction Curriculum Unit
Heather LeBlanc
Age of Jackson & Sectionalism
Heather LeBlanc
American Revolution Curriculum Unit
Heather LeBlanc
Colonial America Curriculum Unit
Heather LeBlanc

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