American Revolution No Prep Unit

7 complete lessons

American Revolution No Prep Unit Bundle: PowerPoints, Passages, Activities, Quizzes

This resource pack is a no prep complete UNIT (GOOGLE version included!) about the US Revolution that includes 4-5 weeks of materials. There are 7 complete lessons, an editable study guide, editable unit test (GOOGLE version included!), & editable modified unit test (GOOGLE version included!) included in this bundle.

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Lessons included in this unit bundle are:
Causes of the American Revolution
Battles & Events of the American Revolution
Declaration of Independence
France's Role in the American Revolution
Key People of the American Revolution VOL.1
Key People of the American Revolution VOL.2
Impacts of the American Revolution

Limited on copies or paper? Every component of this lesson is ready-to-go on GOOGLE slides, so you can easily assign to your students! The quiz is also available on GOOGLE Forms, and I include explicit directions on how to assign and tweak (if desired) for your students. The quiz is also self-grading!

It includes 7 complete NO PREP lessons:
• 7 PowerPoint presentations that can be used to facilitate discussion or have students take notes (PowerPoint presentations include carefully curated videos & links that will enrich the lessons)
• 7 slotted notes pages so students can focus on recording the important information from the PowerPoint presentation Editable slotted notes included!
• 7 informational reading passages about the US Revolutionary War (There are TWO versions of the reading passage included. One is the "paper saver" version for when you have to limit your copies. The other is the "note-taking" version that has enough space for annotating and taking notes. This version also includes bolded headers for the different sections!)
• 28 activities (4 per lesson) (key terms, dates & events, significant items, significant people, political cartoon, geographical connection, literary works, and a literacy connection) per lesson. Three of the four activities PER lesson have two levels: a basic recall and an application of knowledge.
• 7 quizzes
• editable study guide
• editable unit test
• editable modified test
• answer keys for the slotted notes, activity pages, quizzes, study guide, & tests

• GOOGLE slides of all components

• 7 GOOGLE Form self-grading quizzes, unit test, & modified unit test


→Short on time?←
Simply give students the reading passage, and they can complete the activities independently. All information needed for the activities is contained in the reading passage! These can also be used for homework.

Perfect for sub plans!
These lessons require ZERO prep for substitute plans. Students can easily check their own answers with the included answer keys.

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